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Obálka knihy: American and British Studies Annual 4/2011

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American and British Studies Annual 4/2011

Our aim is to create a platform for scholarly exchange not only within the Czech Republic but internationally. We seek original articles that explore a wide range of issues concerning American and British literature, visual arts, music and other cultural phenomena as well as cultural history. The editors encourage submissions from scholars working in various disciplines with interests in American and British cultures, as well as articles with interdisciplinary perspectives on those cultures. We also devote a portion of the journal to outstanding student contributions. Since 2011, the journal has been enlisted in The National Index of Peer-reviewed Scholarly Periodicals published in the Czech Republic.

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Počet stran 208
Typ Vázaná
Rok vydání 2011
ISBN 978-80-7395-447-5
Rozměry 170 x 245 mm